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Our Vision

Growing up on our family dairy farm, I spent my days playing with animals, digging in dirt, climbing trees and catching bugs. Since then, I have realized that not everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of being raised in a rural environment. 

My vision for LC’s Farm School is to provide quality, authentic learning through play and nature-based experiences like I had growing up. Our farm school is located on a working pumpkin patch and family farm where students get to experience every aspect of the pumpkin patch from preparing the soil, planting of the seeds, all the way to harvesting the pumpkins from the vine. Students learn responsibility, compassion, and sympathy by caring for the animals on the farm through feeding, watering, collecting eggs, laying down fresh straw and petting and grooming and much more. 

Our time inside the schoolhouse encourages imagination, creativity and promotes a love of learning. Our lessons are built around the seasonal changes on our farm as we encompass preschool academics. Students will master the expected standards for preschool through activities, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Your child has the ability to foster their creativity, while also learning to appreciate the land and see first-hand how farmers strive to keep our earth sustainable. You will see us planting gardens, hatching chicks, growing butterflies, digging for worms, and ditching all forms of technology. Farm school will get kids out in the fresh air while teaching self-discipline and hard work, yet learning academic standards without even knowing it!

  • Leslie

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