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About Us

Hi! Welcome to our farm! My name is Leslie Culpepper and I am the owner of LC's Farm School. 

LC’s farm school is a unique preschool educational program providing a play and nature-based learning environment. Our school encourages imagination and creativity and fosters a love of learning and an appreciation for agriculture. Our lessons are focused on the seasonal changes on our farm.


Our farm isn't just a small hobby farm where kids come to free play and run around outside. Our farm is a real working farm and pumpkin patch where tractors are planting and crops are growing. Kids get to see the process of farming and the importance of agriculture. They get to see how a drone works to spray crops, how farmers practice sustainability to  be good stewards of our land, how to take care of farm animals and how to work hard. 

Our school is located on our working pumpkin patch, Red Barn Ranch. The Moreland Family has been farming for over 75 years and currently run a beef operation and harvest corn and soybeans. ​​

​When trying to think of a name for our farm school, we couldn't ignore the fact that we owe all of our farming and agriculture passion to our Great Grandpa, Leslie Columbus Moreland otherwise known as LC Moreland. In 1945 he purchased the first piece of land that our family still farms today. We wanted to honor him in the naming of our school and share our family history. 

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