LC's Farm School Team

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Leslie Culpepper


Leslie's dream for LC's farm school started many years ago after having her own children and watching them enjoy the farm life that she had growing up. Leslie was born and raised in Harrisonville, just down the street from Red Barn Ranch. Being a public school teacher and having a passion for agriculture was the perfect storm to start a farm school. She has 3 young children, Calvin, Bowen and Hattie. Her husband Michael is an educator in our local school district.

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Allison Brown


Allison has always had a passion for animals, earning a degree in Zoology and working at the Cleveland Zoo for many years. After Allison and her husband settled in Missouri, she fell in love with the atmosphere at Red Barn Ranch where she started working during pumpkin season. When she heard of a farm school at the patch, she very eagerly joined the team. She has two children, Hailey and Henry.

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Matt Moreland

Maintenance Man

He technically doesn't work here, but he does live here.  Matt is the man behind the Red Barn Ranch and the "mad scientist" behind everything at the patch.  Your Little Rancher might see him in a tractor planting pumpkins, giving a lesson on something agriculture, or fixing fence to keep the goats from getting out.